"A Winter Tale" launched the ReelWorld Film Festival 2007, and won the Tonya Lee Williams Award for Outstanding Canadian Feature, as well as Special Mention in the Outstanding Screenplay category.

2007 Special Mention/Outstanding Screenplay Category Reel World Film Festival


2007 Audience Award Best Feature T&T Film Festival

2008 Best Foreign Film San Diego Black Film Festival

2008 Remi Award - Best Editing Worldfest Houston Int Film Festival

2008 Award for Best Editor Zuma Film Festival

2008 Award for Best Cinematographer Zuma Film Festival

2008 Ousmane Sembene Award for Best Foreign Film Zuma Film Festival

2008  Award for Best Film Festival of Black International Cinema Berlin


"What My Mother Told Me" premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 1996, and has won awards at The Festival of Black International Cinema in Berlin, St Louis, Paris, ("Best Film Depicting The Black Experience"), and at Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival 2006, (HBO Best Feature Award). 

The Literature Alive Documentary Series won a Special Recognition Award for "Memory Places" at The Festival of Black International Cinema, and the Audience Award for "Blood Dub and The Matriarch" at the San Diego Women's Film Festival

"Lord Have Mercy!", was nominated for 2 Gemini Awards - for Best Comedy Series and Best Individual Performance (for Leonie Forbes). 

"Peggy Su!" won the BAFTA/Royal Television Society Award, for Best Costume Design 1998 (Joey Attawia). 

And "Bideshi", won Best Short Feature, at the Bombay International Film Festival in 1996


"I Is A Long Memoried Woman" won the Gold Award for Television Performing Arts, at the New York International Film & Television Festival 1991. The BBC Radio version won Best Feature Documentary, at the Sony Radio Awards 1991, and was nominated for a Prix Futura for most Innovative Radio Feature.